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Thursday, March 04, 2010

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


You think that you want to be enlightened, but enlightenment is an ego concept, because you cannot strive for something which you already are. You are already in the Light. You are the Light. There is no journey to be undertaken --- it is simply your recognition of who you are and the recognition of your Oneness with God. What you truly want is to be free of judgment and expectations. This brings you the joy, peace, and Love you seek.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Spiritual Valleys and Dark Nights of the Soul

Everyone knows spiritual valleys. Even for someone who does not recognize themselves on a path, there are spiritual valleys. God is all that exists, and since God is spirit, everything is spirit. Thus everything is spiritual. Duality, by definition, is an in and out. It is an up and down. Oneness is only known through Duality, the appearance of differences. If there were no valley, there would not be contrast so that the mountaintop could be recognized. So spiritual valleys are necessary. They are an integral part of your Being. Does that knowing make you feel better?

Hopefully it does, because most people, especially in the early stages of the path, believe that they are to blame for the spiritual valleys. Nothing is further from the truth. We see our spiritual ups and downs as happening over weeks and months, but in reality they are happening each moment. Our breath is a manifestation of this. There is a rhythm to this, and when you get in sync with that rhythm, you are riding the River of Life without resistance. You are allowing the River to carry you effortlessly to wherever it takes you, as opposed to you trying to go somewhere. When we accept and "ride" these spiritual valleys as they are, we move through them effortlessly. That is not to say there is not pain or grief in them. But there is not resistance, and resistance is what increases the intensity, plus resistance is what keeps us in the valley longer. Remember, these valleys are necessary. They are an integral part of you and your experience, and collectively they are an integral part of the experience of the Son of God, which each of us is a part of that Sonship.

Do you feel better now? For a long time I resisted and heavily lamented those periods when I entered the valley, because I thought that I had done something wrong. And I thought that when I was in the valley, I was separate from God. Either the valley caused the separation, or the separation caused me to go in to the valley. Either way I was cooked. That is a bad cycle to stay in. There is a lot of self blame and guilt present. When I finally realized that I was One, no matter what I was feeling, then I knew that I had caused nothing. Even when I was in that dark night of the soul, God walked with me, God carried me, and God expressed through me. So lo and behold, I began to pay less attention to the effects when I was present in the valley. As I gave less attention to it, its effects had less impact on me, and I moved through it quicker. Funny how things work! It all works perfectly if only we don't resist or try to change it.

Did Jesus Die For Our Sins?

If you have read my past posts about sin, then you probably think you know my answer. But I may surprise you on this one. This is one of those deals where our belief system determines the answer, and since our belief system is different than others, plus we change our beliefs constantly, then the answer is not Truth. Only the changeless (God) is Truth. So the answer to the question of this post is "true" for everyone where they are at.

Plus it is more muddled than that. Jesus died for our sins to show us that sin never existed. If you are a person who believes in the standard Christian theology that you were born in sin, then by Jesus' act he took your sins away from you. And in a sense he did that, although you are not taking the same path to the answer. Jesus was crucified because those who condemned him to death projected their sins on to him, in their belief system only. He was such a bright light that they were afraid of the light shining upon them and revealing their sins to God. Since they were under a belief system of sin, they also believed in separation from God and from each other, and they believed in the body as real. Thus by destruction of Jesus' body and his death, the sins which they had projected on to him were destroyed. In the several centuries after his death, early Christian theologians operated under the same belief system as those who had sent Jesus to his death, but they certainly did not understand the psychology of projection, thus they came to the logical conclusion that their sins had been "taken away" (not projected) by his sacrifice. And until someone begins to break through the belief in separation, they will continue to see it that way.

So back to the original question. But first that brings up another question that has to be answered. Jesus knew that these people were projecting their sins on to him and that they believed in the destruction of these sins through the death of his body. But he also knew that sin and separation do not exist, thus his crucifier's line of thinking was illusory. Why did he permit himself to be crucified? He could have "blinked" out of there at any time --- you know, gone to the live the sweet life somewhere on Earth or just left his body to return to the heart of God. He stayed, because he knew that "sin" would be "gone" either way someone interpreted his death. Only through his death could he show that sin never existed. Some people would come to this understanding by never starting with the belief that they were born in sin. Others would believe in sin initially and still have the final conclusion that they were sinless; they would just come in a different route to get there. They would see the falsity of their belief system from a different viewpoint, as they would first have to come to an understanding that they have projected their sins on to others and the world. Sin was not taken away in the way which they thought, as they came to see that it only existed in their own belief system.

By either way you could "say" that Jesus died for our sins. As you become more aware of who you truly are, you understand that we can never die, that you can destroy the body in this dream only. And you understand that sin does not exist, that at its worst it could be described as error. So Jesus was a savior to the world, for he illuminated many unique paths to God.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Abundance is much more than financial wealth. It speaks of your inheritance from God. This inheritance includes peace, joy, knowledge, true power, and Love. When you pray for abundance, you are acknowledging that which you already have and that which you are. Abundance, including financial wealth, will come to you like an endless fountain, only to be passed through you to others, creating a beautiful and endless loop where more continues to flow to you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is the Universe Random?

There is no randomness in the Universe. You think that there can be partial randomness and partial order, because you live from a perspective of the dream. In the dream duality exists along with the appearance of choices. So you see degrees, which leads you to the belief there can be some randomness and some order. But there are no differences. It is all One, and there are no degrees. We would either have total randomness or total order. The former would mean that there is no unifying force --- God would not exist. Unity equals God equals One Will equals total order. What does this further tell you? It tells you that God is expressing fully and completely through you and that you can do nothing outside His Will. Similarly, your faith in Him cannot be partial. It can only be total or none.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Absence of Truth

This world has become characterized by an absence of Truth. Individuals have turned their face so far away from God, from their own divinity and Oneness, that they think Truth doesn't matter. Truth is who you are! If you don't live in Truth, you deny your very Being. But we can only go so far away from the center, individually and collectively, before we snap back like a rubber band. We are approaching that snap back point. It goes farther than telling the Truth, although that is important. If you don't take personal responsibility for your actions, your words, and even your thoughts, you have no grounding in reality, and this means that you will continue to do more of the same. Your power comes from you living Truth. Do not give your power to those who don't live in Truth, which is many of the "leaders" of this world. When you live in Truth, more Truth will come to you. Others who live the same way will come in to your life, and it will be a God filled life, full of abundance, joy, peace, and His Love.

Monday, October 26, 2009

An Infinite Universe

There is something I don't understand. Does anyone else think about the Universe being infinite? How can something like this be? How can it go on forever?

Ponder that thought for a while. I think the reason you have not done that is because you can't wrap your mind around that. When you try, it scares you. It brings your limited view of self, a belief in a separate mind and body, to a place it can't understand. And that scares a mind or ego which views itself as limited. How can space, an area, extend without end? The answer is it can't. Look at the flip side. If it is not possible for something physically to never end, how can it be possible for it to end? What comes after the part where it ends? An infinite Universe does not exist in the way in which a limited mind can conceive of it. That is because space, and time, don't exist in the way in which you think. Neither are fixed, neither are linear. Nothing exists outside of thought, nothing outside of the one holy moment. A physical Universe, and all physical matter, is a creation of this illusory dream that the vast majority think is real. In thought and in the Now, which are our true nature, time and space become irrelevant and illusory concepts.

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