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I Am Therefore I Am consists of revelations that were given to me over a several year period after a long emotional and spiritual journey. The revelations were first and foremost given to me as assistance in my awakening. Some of the revelations were realizations which had already passed through my recognition numerous times and which I had taken to heart. On those healing had already been accomplished. Others were recognitions in the early stages, and I had to revisit them many times before fully eradicating a certain false belief. Finally, others fell into the category that I understood them intellectually, but I had not yet experienced them and their effects.

The revelations cover a broad spectrum. They are inclusive, describing the path that we all walk, irrespective of any religion or set of beliefs. A portion of them, while easily understood and applicable to a beginner on this journey, would seem to be non revelatory to a person who has been immersed in this path for a while. Others would appear to be very deep and only understood by a few. But appearances can be deceiving. I was guided to lay the revelations and chapters out so that there is a gradual building effect of non understanding on the reader. Yes, I said non understanding, because the revelations bring you out of your ordinary mind in to a state of remembrance and a recognition of your Oneness with the Mind of God. You must "lose" what you have learned from the world in order to remember the Truth that has always been there. There are also those chapters which dispel certain collective cultural and religious myths or falsehoods.

Where appropriate, I have interspersed my personal experiences as related to that chapter or revelation. Hopefully, this keeps it honest and "real" for you as the reader, and there may be experiences with which you can greatly identify. Beginning with Appearance and Belief and ending with Love, chapters cover such areas as Perfection, Faith, the Will of God, Paradox, Contrast, Thought, the Meaning of Life, the One, the Spiritual Journey, Illusion and Truth, the Light, Sin and Sacrifice, Duality, and Creation. At the end of the chapters there is a question and answer section that both gives new revelations and revisits prior revelations from a different angle. Ultimately, the book is about Love, God's limitless Love for you and all Creation. You can feel that Love and have an intimate relationship with Him in each and every moment. In fact, as part of your Oneness, you experience that, you live that, you are that, in the one holy moment. Let us recognize we all walk the same path, and let us rejoice and come together in this awesome journey of remembrance back to God, for no one can enter Heaven alone.

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