Statement by Lawrence Doochin

You are in Holy Communion with God, every moment of every day. His Love for you is limitless, and I hope that in some small measure, I can help you to remember His Presence and His Love. My wish is for you to be able to experience the great joy and deep peace that comes with the realization of who you are. There is nothing unique or special about me. The path that I have traveled is the same one that you are on, regardless of whether you recognize it or not. When you do recognize that you are on a path of Love, it brings you such sweetness, such joy, because you know the end result is the Divine Love you have forgotten. Let us rejoice, for we are on a journey that has a certain outcome. You cannot fall off this path nor make a mistake. That would be like saying that a dog can do something which would make it not a dog. You are this Love that you seek, and you will come to a point where you see that fully reflected back to you in everyone and everything you see, for all is One.  Remember that you can never be separate from your Source. I am awakening in you, you are awakening in me, and we are awakening in God. Through your visiting this website and through reading my book, our remembrance increases, and for that I am grateful.

God’s many blessings to you,



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