To Everything There is a Season

To Everything There is a Season, Sayings about Life, Love, and God is a compilation of new statements that are similar to those on The Divine Speaks website ( and to those I post on the Facebook page for The Divine Speaks. These are statements that can be a tremendous aid in helping you see things in a different way. I have heard many times from people that they had never thought of a certain thing that way and that what I have written is so true. As the title indicates,the statements speak to life but also to God and His immense Love for us. As opposed to I Am Therefore I Am, Finding God in Our Heart, these statements are more broad and not so "deep." They appeal to those just beginning the spiritual path and those who have been on the path for a while. This book can be used in a similar fashion to The Divine Speaks website, which gives you the "random" statement God wants you to hear. When you have a question, or you are in distress, or you just need a morning thought to carry you through the day, you can take a bookmark and use it to turn to a "random" page where you will know the statement which is for you. I do recommend that you read through the book fully the first time, as the statements have been given to me in a certain order which will bring about a remembrance of who you are, which is a holy Son of God. May the book be a great blessing to you as you grow closer to Him.

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